Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 10

Its been 10 days on the NCD, I have noticed a few things happening on the product, my eyes as I reported last time is still normal and the heaviness of the honey feeling has not returned. That is a wonderful thing.

The headaches still continue though ☹, but I am diligently in continuing the drops and hoping for the best. I have noticed food cravings have lessen and feel that it will help in that area.


This week when I felt like reading a bit, I read, the clinical trails, and testimonies, really are amazing. It is not a Waiora site, but a neutral site that compares some different brands of zeolite on the market. FUNNY, how some of them dont even have detectable levels and other producers will not submit there product test or clinical analyzes to be reviewed.

If you are interested in more information on this product. Check this out:

NCD intro PDF


Friday, July 8, 2011

Today has been 4 days

Today has been 4 days of using the product, NCD or Natural Cellular Defense. I must say I feel the product working.

The most noticeable thing that I have found is that it feeling in my eyes are different.

My eyes since the wreck has changed and the liquid felt like it was honey really thick, the neurologist sent me and got the pressure of the optical nerve checked, and could not find the problem. Thought that it would just fix itself after the migraines stopped. But since the migraines haven’t the fluid in my eye seem to feel like honey, a really thick liquid feeling.

After listen to the testimonies, I heard about a lady that was color blind and used the drops in her eye. Well I thought I am going to try that, and I DID! I had a little wet feeling but nothing like using eyedrops. Then I was working on the computer and all the sudden I felt the heaviness just slowly leave. The honey feeling was gone! It was only in 15 Min.

It was back the way I felt before the accident over 352 days ago! I only used one drop in each eye. Which I repeated again this morning. I just am amazed at how different I feel. I think that we get use to the feelings that persist in our body. I am so aware of my eyes feeling normal! I am so happy that the honey feeling is gone.

Until next time I report…